Workplace Experiences

Workplace Experiences

Infuse harmony and well-being in your workplace, be your most productive self.

  • Working on a stressful, high-level project?

  • Mid-afternoon slump?

  • Long days at the office?

  • Personal life leaving you unfocused?

  • Feeling overwhelmed?

  • Sore/tight neck muscles

  • Lower-back pain

  • Aches in wrists/forearms

Find Relief

Experience workplace yoga, massage therapy and mediation customized for your workplace.

Feel benefits in as little as five minutes. Recharge and Refocus to experience your most productive self at the office.


Workplace Yoga

Learn simple yoga postures, without the need to change out of work attire, that help you get through common functional tasks at the office. Important: All levels and beginners welcome; no flexibility or experience required.


Workplace Massage

Experience relief from aches and pains, without the need to change out of work attire. Meditation helps you live in the present moment. Living in the present moment expands your time, calms your nervous system and helps you to regain your focus.


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