meet amanda kerpius

Meet Amanda Kerpius, founder of Empowered Self, the brand designed to help you discover your power, harness inner strength and break through perceived limitations to achieve your highest joy and highest Self.


Amanda is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Therapeutic Yoga Specialist, Yoga Teacher and Running Coach.  Her focus is simple: heal the mind and body to perform your best.


Amanda graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Swedish Institute’s massage therapy program in 2017 and shortly thereafter received her License in Massage Therapy (LMT). Amanda currently practices massage therapy and therapeutic yoga out of Finish Line Physical Therapy providing a combination of functional performance yoga and targeted sports massage for active individuals, recovering athletes and individuals experiencing high levels of stress helping them to recover faster and train harder.  For two seasons she worked with Nike’s Project Moonshot clientele preparing athletes to race in one or multiple marathons, including the TCS New York City Marathon, a race she joyfully completed herself eight times.


Amanda is a 500+ hour trained yoga teacher with 1,000+ hours of teaching experience that spans over seven years. First a trained dancer, Amanda practiced, performed, and choreographed dance for 26 years, lending her lifetime of body awareness a newfound credibility through a yoga form that is both rigorous and healing to the physical and emotional self. Amanda completed her first yoga certification in 2012 and is an experienced yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance. In 2018, Amanda completed her 500-hour yoga therapeutics certification and is completing a 850-hour Yoga Therapy certification with Prema Yoga Institute. In 2018, she expanded her offerings to include therapeutic structural yoga sessions and co-treatment sessions that address musculoskeletal pathologies with physical therapists at Finish Line Physical Therapy.

Amanda teaches over 150 adventurous and dedicated students each week with Tangerine Hot Power Yoga in Downtown Brooklyn, with Heatwise Yoga in Gowanus Brooklyn, and endurance athletes at The Foundry Powered by Finish Line Physical Therapy in New York City.  In 2018, she began recording audio yoga classes reaching a national audience with her audio yoga and outdoor running classes on Daily Burn's audio fitness platform. Today, you can take Amanda’s live-stream yoga-based strength classes and app-based yoga classes anytime and anywhere nationwide with Daily Burn 365 and with Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn.



In 2017, Amanda graduated from the internationally renowned Gray Institute of Functional Transformation as a Fellow of Applied Function Science (FAFS) making her a budding specialist in the world of biomechanics and movement science for athletes. She is certified in Functional Manual Reaction (FMR) helping people find functional mobility doing the activities and sports they love.  With over 60 academic college credits testing her knowledge of anatomy and physiology and her application of this academic understanding beyond massage therapy to the practice of yoga, her FAFS and her FMR certification, she crafts intelligent, proprioceptively accurate sequences of yoga postures designed to support the biomechanics of athletes and runners in yoga classes and in individual therapeutic yoga sessions. 


Amanda is a competitive distance and marathon runner racing over 1,000 miles in over 100 road races including over 34 vaious half marathons and nine marathons. She is also a certified running coach with the Road Runners Club of America. Amanda started practicing yoga in 2003 and began using it as a parallel treatment to physical therapy when recovering from running related injuries. It became an essential element of her recovery—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Amanda passionately seeks to learn more about the intersection between the biological stages of injury healing learned through her degree program and the exercise science behind fitness gains/losses through endurance training with the goal to help athletes re-enter endurance training safely.


After a 14-year career in sales and fundraising—and inspired by the physical therapy she received as a patient at Finish Line—Amanda transitioned to a career in wellness. Before her wellness career, Amanda received her BS in Business Administration from Colorado State University in 2000 and a MS in Fundraising and Nonprofit Management at New York University in 2010. 

"If people could take Amanda's class everyday, there would be less crime, less mental and physical illness. It's like medicine for the soul (plus my ass has never looked better ;) It has changed my life. 

I suffered from PTSD and anxiety for many years after my daughter was born prematurely and in the NICU for months. 

I did not want to go on any long term medication so I did yoga every day and it changed my life, specifically Amanda's class. 

It is the ultimate mental and physical release - both therapeutic and energizing." 


 Christina D.